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Scarecrows on show at Leicestershire festival

A gallery of photographs from the Heather scarecrow festival in Leicestershire.
Can you spot the scarecrow? It's Cinderella in the middle! She's one of around 70 scarecrows on display as part of a scarecrow festival.
A Cinderella scarecrow with blonde wig and broom is sweeping up.
This scarecrow is nicknamed Trolley Dolly - because of her shopping trolley full of goodies.
A scarecrow wearing a summer hat reclines in a garden chair next to her shopping trolley.
Residents in Heather, Leicestershire have been busy making their scarecrows which are on display in gardens all over the town. This one is called Rain Stopped Play - a tribute to cricket on a rainy day.
A scarecrow dressed as a cricket player sits underneath and umbrella with his bat.
Aviation Crow has his very own plane to fly. The scarecrows will be on display until 4 August before they jet off.
A scarecrow in a military style plane.
Do you recognise this huge scarecrow? It's the Big Friendly Giant from Roald Dahl's book the BFG.
A large scarecrow looks like a giant with unusually large ears. In his hand he holds a small doll.
This scarecrow is a tribute to the Duchess of Cambridge, Kate Middleton, and shows her cradling newborn Prince George! The scarecrow even has Kate's trademark glamorous tresses - well, almost.
Children look at a pink scarecrow dressed as Kate Middleton with a brown wig. The scarecrow is cradling a baby.
This display shows Shakespeare's Romeo and Juliet in scarecrow form. In this snap, 'Crowmeo' kneels below Juliet's balcony - possibly charming her with birdsong.
A scarecrow sits on the roof of a house. Below, a crow-like figure kneels on the grass.