Beano comic's 75th birthday - behind the scenes

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Watch Leah's report from Beano HQ!

The Beano is celebrating its 75th birthday this year - and Leah's been let loose behind the scenes at the comic!

Since 1938, the mag has brought us characters such as Dennis the Menace, Gnasher and Minnie the Minx.

But with more and more competition from TV and games, how does the Beano team keep the comic feeling up to date?

"The Beano's always moved with the times," said Beano editor Mike Stirling.

"We have our own digital version of the Beano available - over 200,000 people have downloaded the Beano app. We think we're still a really major thing in kids' lives."

Leah as a Beano character!
Leah transformed into a Beano character!

Leah reports from Beano's HQ in Dundee, Scotland, as the team create their special birthday issue - which features Wimbledon champion Andy Murray.

She even gets transformed into a Beano character - see if Leah manages to get herself in the mag!