Usain Bolt: 'If Manchester United call me, I'm there'

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Usain Bolt says he's waiting for Manchester United to phone him about playing for the club!

He told Newsround at the Anniversary Games in London: "I just want a call - if they call me, I'm there."

The Jamaican sprinting star has previously said he'd like to join the Premier League champions.

Bolt, who won the 100m race on Friday evening, also said that inspiring children around the world is "one of the greatest things".

He explained: "For me that's one of the greatest things, that's what I live for - to inspire.

"I keep doing that, I keep working on, I keep pushing myself to show them hard work pays off.

"It's just one of my greatest feelings when someone calls me and says 'You've inspired me', or sends me a picture and says 'You've inspired me'. It's a great feeling."