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Day in pictures - 24 July 2013

Have a look at Newsround's gallery of the best pictures of the day on 24 July 2013.
Crowds of well-wishers held up cameras and phones on Tuesday evening to get the first snaps of the new royal baby as he was presented to the public by his parents.
The crowd outside St Mary's Hospital
But now that Duke and Duchess of Cambridge have left hospital with their baby, the journalists and TV crews have left too. Here's a cleaner tidying up the area Wednesday morning. It got a bit messy!
Cleaners outside the hospital
Going abroad now and this juggling clown's been taking part in an annual clown convention in Guatemala in Central America.
Clowns in Guatemala
These dancers have been wearing LED covered outfits and performing with laser beams to give this special display. It was part of a fashion show organised in India.
But the celebrations of the royal birth are still going on, this phonebox in Windsor has been spruced up! It had been painted last year but has now had a hand, a blue ribbon and a crown added to the pram to mark the arrival of the young prince.
And keeping cool in the summer heat in Germany, these bears have been given a frozen fruit treat by their zookeepers - they seem eager to get stuck in!
Two bears