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Royal baby: Your buggy designs for the prince

Here's a few of your buggy designs that you have sent into us.
This idea for a pram as a castle was sent in by Abigalle in Worcestershire. It's even got 'boy' written on the turrets!
castle pram
We've had loads of your buggy design sent in and here are some of the best ones. Caitlin from Hampshire has personalised her buggy with the name of the royal baby.
Buggy design
Tyler's sent in this cool car design for the Prince of Cambridge's buggy! Kate and William won't even have to push it - the buggy comes with its own remote control!
Tyler's deisgn
Rebecca from Manchester has balloons on her horse and the buggy for the royal prince.
Rebecca from Manchester's design
This horse-drawn buggy design was sent in by Sylvie from Somerset.
Sylvie from Somerset
This royal buggy is full of green and blue balloons. It was sent in by Hannah in Manchester.
Hannah from Manchester
James from Buckinghamshire says this multi-coloured royal buggy design would go up to speeds of 25 miles per hour if it were made.
James from Buckinghamshire
Anna from the Orkney Islands designed this royal buggy. She says it would be able to go super fast AND fly if it was made.
Anna, Orkney Islands
Sam from Derbyshire sent us this design for a pram. The umbrella's got diamonds and emeralds on it.
Sam's design for a pram
Alicia sent in this magical buggy design - it's being pulled by a winged unicorn!
Alicia's buggy design
Lara sent us this very colourful design for a royal buggy. It comes complete with gold wheels and a teddy bear on the side.
Lara's design
Charlotte from Staffordshire emailed in her idea for a royal buggy for the prince. It's even got a siren on the top so people know someone important is coming!
Charlotte from Staffordshire's design
Elise from Dorset sent us in this design for the royal prince's buggy. It's even being pulled by a yellow and red animal!
elise from dorset's design
Katie from Wigan has a soldier on a horse pulling the royal baby's buggy. It's even got an umbrella to cover the prince in case it rains.
Katie, Wigan
Charlotte from Dorset send us this hand-drawn buggy design. It's themed in red, white and blue, and it's pulled by a white horse.
Charlotte, dorset
Charlie from Peterborough has made this royal buggy from a massive crown! The wheels and crown are covered in jewels.
Charlie, Peterborough
Alice has sent us this dummy inspired buggy. Looks like it would be pretty big! It's got a door and a window!
Zoe from Stroud has sent this buggy, complete with a star and moon mobile inside.
Buggy design
T'siah from Leicestershire has gone for the animal theme, with birds and a unicorn pulling the royal buggy.
Buggy design
Here's is a moon buggy by Jasmine, covered with lots of moons and stars to help a baby fall asleep.
Buggy design decorated with moons and stars
Here's a buggy fit for a prince, by Shannon from Darlington.
Buggy design
Emily from the Isle of Wight sent this pic of a golden buggy for the prince.
Buggy design
Oliver from Hertfordshire got out his coloured paper and glue and created a collage for the buggy.
Buggy design
And Millie from London went with the theme of royal blue for her design.
Buggy design
Keep calm! Baby on board! That's the message from Cindy in London who sent us this picture.
Cindy from London