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Day in pictures - 23 July 2013

Have a look at Newsround's gallery of the best pictures of the day on 23 July 2013.
If you didn't hear about it from the town crier, then newspapers across the country and even the world have been marking the arrival of the Prince of Cambridge.
Newspapers marking the birth of the royal baby
Some places around the country had thunder and lightning overnight, after a long spell of dry and hot weather. Here lightning is striking just behind the famous London Eye landmark.
London striking behind the London Eye
But it's still warm enough for a dip. Today zookeepers placed some meat in the middle of this tiger's pool to entice him deep into the water and get him to improve on his swimming skills.
Tiger learning to swim at ZSL London Zoo
The biggest story of the day is the birth of the royal baby. This town crier proclaimed the news outside St Mary's Hospital where the prince was born.
Town crier
Here the camera on Nasa's Cassini spacecraft has captured both Saturn, with its rings, and planet Earth in just one picture. Earth is about 898 million miles away in this image so it's tiny - the arrow will help you spot it!
Saturn and Earth