Royal baby: Send us your buggy designs for the prince

Last updated at 12:13
Royal baby buggy design on Union Jack background

To celebrate the birth of the royal baby Newsround wants your designs for the Prince of Cambridge's buggy.

What do you think it should look like? Modern or traditional? Big or small? Should it have dinosaur designs on it or look like a superfast car?

Whatever you think it should look like, get creative and send us your design to

We'll put some of the best pictures on the website and maybe you'll get a mention on the TV bulletins too.

If you send us a picture, it may be published on the Newsround website, and some may be used in our TV bulletins. We'll use your first name and your home town to show that it's your picture; your personal details won't be used for anything else.

This isn't a competition and there is no prize, sorry!

Royal pram from Alice in Leeds
Alice in Leeds designed this pram for the Prince of Cambridge, complete with flags!
baby pram
Olivia from Leicester sent us this picture and hopes the Prince will be in something like this.