Royal baby: Your messages for the new parents

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Royal baby fever sweeps the world

The Duchess of Cambridge has given birth to a baby boy!

He was born yesterday afternoon at exactly 4.24pm weighing 8lb 6oz.

You've been sending us your special messages of congratulations for the couple and their new son.

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Your comments

Congratulations William and Kate. Good Luck for the future. And all the best for the new royal baby who will be our future king someday.

Paul, Glasgow, Scotland

Congratulations! My Auntie gave birth to a boy on the same day! Lots of people are celebrating the birth of your baby boy. Even I am celebrating the birth of your baby!

Sumayyah, West Yorkshire, England

Congratulations! I hope I get to see his coronation. That would be amazing!!

Amelia, Derbyshire, England

Congratulations, have many happy years raising the baby and let him lead a happy life!

Lucy, Birmingham, England

Congratulations on your new arrival! Looking forward to seeing the new prince on the throne! You will be amazing parents!!!x

Isabel, Cornwall, England

The royal baby has made the whole world excited!

Harriet, Shropshire, England

Good Luck royal baby! You will be great like your Dad, Grandad, Great grandma and all your family! Maybe you could dress the baby up as a King so he can practice his royal wave!!

Jessica, Hertfordshire, England

I would like to marry the prince when I am older and then I will be a queen one day! :-)

Darcey, Essex, England

It's been born at the best time - the summer holidays! All the best and congratulations!

Theo, Reading, England

Congratulations. In our class 7 children guessed that your baby was a boy. 13 children thought it would be a girl.

MS Class, London, England

It's really exciting! I have been watching the TV ever since I heard the news yesterday. Been on the edge of my seat to find out the name and how the baby is doing.

Anna, Wiltshire

Good luck William and Kate! You'll be GREAT parents!

Jennifer, Manchester

We have been thinking today about the qualities the new Prince will need when he becomes King and we think he will need to have kindness, patience, humility, manners and be trustworthy, calm, happy, friendly, caring, respectful, cautious. We hope he has a wonderful, fun and simple life.

Derwent Lower School, England

Well done on the baby boy!!!! I can't wait to get a glimpse of the future king!!! Well done the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge!!!!

Emma, Belfast

Congratulations about the boy! I hope he doesn't keep you awake every night or anything! I hope you, William and your new baby have a lovely time together and you have good fun!!!

Katie, Bangor, Northern Ireland

I'm not really patriotic, but I wish Kate and William the best of luck with their new baby boy, and am excited because in around 40-45 years, he will become king!

Isobel, London, England

I think that the baby's name should be Harry, because I have a hamster called harry and he is very clever.

Megan, Bridgend, Wales

Congratulations on the birth of your son. We hope you all are well and happy.

Mrs Humphreys and Class 2 at Nursling Primary school, Southampton, England

Congratulations on the birth of your baby boy! We are looking forward to knowing what you will call him. We think he will be a very good baby.

Class 2M, Manchester, England

I think what ever you call the baby boy it will be perfect!

Maddy, Devon, England

Congratulations for having a baby boy. I think you should call him Phillip after his Grandfather.

James, Dumfries, Scotland

Congratulations on the birth of your lovely baby boy! We are very happy for you and hope that he is as sweet and smart as you are!

2D Newbury Park Primary School, England

I'm happy that Kate and William have had a boy and I wish them the best.

Deborah, Ireland

I think that this event is really important because it is like another Olympics.

Joseph, Wales

Congratulations! Our house was really excited. We all think the baby should be called George, because we haven't had a Prince George yet!

Harrison and Oliver, Coventry, England

Congratulations! We are so excited and have been watching the videos. We can't wait to get a first look at the future king.

Torpoint Nursery and Infant School

Massive congratulations, we are all very excited for you! We look forward to seeing pictures of our future king and hearing his name.

Year 2, Plympton St Maurice School, England

Congratulations on having your baby boy. We hope you all have a very happy time and we think he will be a great king when he grows up.

Beech Class, Fosters Primary School

Congratulations on your new baby. I hope that the Prince of Cambridge learns to play tennis so we can have a match one day. He will probably beat me.

Gavra, Scotland

Congratulations! When we are grown up, your baby will be our king. We think he should be called William like his Daddy.

Class 1HC, Wistaston Church Lane Primary School, Cheshire, England

Congratulations to William and Catherine on the birth of your baby boy. We are celebrating your special news at our school beach party today.

Class 4L - William Cobbett Junior School, Surrey

Wow! I couldn't believe it, I thought it would be a baby girl. Congratulations William and Kate and happy birthday to the new royal baby boy!

Aisha, Lancashire, England

I am so happy that Kate had a baby boy. Congratulations Will and Kate!

Anna, Aberdeen, Scotland

Congratulations on the birth of your baby boy, Prince Cambridge! Wishing him a very happy future. We're looking forward to him being a good and kind King.

Year 3 Fireflies Class, Hatton Park Primary School

Congrats on the baby boy!!!

Daniel, Essex, England

I think it's a very exciting moment for the royal family and Britain. People around the world have been waiting for this moment. This boy will one day be a King!

Miguel, Surrey, England

Congratulations on the new baby!

Amy, London, England

I'm really glad that the baby has arrived and is healthy, likewise with Kate. I am sure William and Kate will be great parents to the future King

Evie, Stroud, England

Congratulations William and Kate!! It's weird to think that one day that baby will be ruling over our country one day.

Sofia, Buckinghamshire, England

I think Kate and William will make perfect parents.

Sophie, Surrey, England

Congratulations Kate & William with your baby boy !

Rhea, London, England

Congrats! When I heard the baby was born everybody in my house was going crazy!

Libby, London, England

Congratulations Kate and William and to your baby boy. You will be great parents.

Sabrina, London, England

I hope that the baby boy has a happy and long life and I'm sure Prince William and Kate will be lovely parents! In a few years time when he shall be the prince I will remember this moment!

Ria, London, England

Well done of having your first baby boy - he should be called Kevin

Cerys, Somerset, England

Good luck for raising your baby

Rebecca, Kent, England

Congratulations on your new baby! I hope you enjoy having a lovely baby boy as much as I enjoyed having a sweet baby sister!

Miriam, West Yorkshire, England

I wish you luck, happiness and joy spending time with your little one. Congratulations!

Vicky, Hampshire, England

I'm so happy for the new parents!!! This is a historical moment.

Emily, Newcastle, England

Congratulations William and Kate! Remember, a baby is always hard to handle but they are amazing to have and to watch them grow. You will be great parents, well done!

Holly, Cardiff, Wales

I think the name of the baby should be Kong cause then it will be King Kong!

Charlotte, Cambridgeshire, England

Congratulations to Kate and will I wish you and your little boy a fantastic happy future. I can't wait till the name is revealed!!

Lucie, Brighton, England

Congratulations to William and Catherine on the birth of your baby boy. We are celebrating your special news at our school beach party today.