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Day in pictures - 22 July 2013

Have a look at Newsround's gallery of the best pictures of the day on 22 July 2013.
Television crews are getting ready outside Buckingham Palace in London for the news of the birth of the royal baby. This team are from an American TV channel. The royal baby is big news not just in the UK, but right around the world!
TV crew outside Buckingham Palace
England cricketers celebrating after winning the second Test of the Ashes. Now they're focussing on the next Test of the series which will be played on 1 August in Manchester.
England cricketers celebrate after winning the second test of the Ashes
These divers are taking part in the Fina Swimming World Championships in Barcelona, Spain. What a view! In the background you can see the city's famous Sagrada Familia cathedral.
Two divers
A meerkat is chilling out in the sun - the warm weather is set to continue this week, but today there might be some thunderstorms in the south of the UK.
US golfer Phil Mickelson poses for the camera with his family after winning the 2013 British Open Golf Championship on Sunday.
Phil Mickelson and his family
It might be summer but these guys have dressed up warmly as Santa for the annual World Santa Claus Congress in Denmark.
People dressed at Santa
These swimmers are taking part in the 10km race and for their refreshment break they get drinks handed out to them - with a flag on so they know which is theirs.