'Big-nose horn-face' dino found, in Utah desert in US

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Artist's impression of Nasutoceratops titusi

Scientists studying a dinosaur, that was found in the desert of Utah in America, say it is an unusual new species - that was funny looking!

They've named the creature Nasutoceratops titusi, which means big-nose, horn-face.

It was first discovered in 2006, but it has taken several years to prepare and then study the fossil in detail.

The rocks it was found in date to about 75-million-years old.

Skull of Nasutoceratops (Rob Gaston)
The dinosaur has a big nose and sports two large horns above its eyes

Dr Mark Loewen, from the University of Utah and Natural History Museum of Utah, told BBC said: "The horns are by far the absolute largest of any member of its group of dinosaurs - they curve sideways and forwards,"

"In addition it has the biggest nose of its group too."

"We would never have predicted it would look like this - it is just so outside of the norm for this group of dinosaurs."

The dinosaur would have been a herbivore which meant it just ate plants, but it weighed 2.5 tonnes which means it was massive!