Top tips to keep cool in a heatwave

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Soaring temperatures in the UK have been a welcome treat for some. But for others it can be a really uncomfortable time.

If you need help cooling down - don't sweat! We've put together a handy guide.

Some of the ideas aren't as obvious as you may have first thought.

Check out Newsround's top tips.

Fans next to windows

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A fan placed in the middle of a closed room circulates the air, which helps speed up the evaporation of your sweat.

If the device is placed next to an open window, the cooler air from outdoors will be drawn in.

If there are no windows or doors open the hot air will just keep on circulating.

Eat a curry


Tucking into a hot curry may sound crazy in this weather but it can lower your temperature.

Curry contains capsaicin, a heat compound in chilli peppers that increases sweat production.

The more you sweat the cooler you feel because as the water evaporates the colder you become.

Wear wet clothes

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Wearing clothes that are wet is a great way to help your body cool down.

Energy from the heat of your body is used to cool down the wet clothes - and at the same time produces a cooling effect to your skin - lowering your temperature.

Lukewarm showers

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Standing under a freezing shower might sound like the quickest way to bring your temperature down.

But your body will react to a dramatic change like this by trying to preserve heat.

So, it's better to have a warmer shower that is cool enough to lower the deep body temperature but is warm enough to allow the blood to the surface of the skin.