Chat: Should packed lunches be banned?

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packed lunch

The government are encouraging head teachers in England to ban packed lunches.

They say the food in lunchboxes isn't as healthy as the food served in canteens and want more children to eat school dinners.

Other ideas to promote healthy eating include after-school cooking lessons for parents and children and for teachers to sit in the dining hall when pupils are eating.

Do you take a lunchbox to school? Would you rather eat school dinners? Do you think packed lunches should be banned?

Your Comments

I think packed lunches should be banned because school dinners are cheaper and the food at the canteen is healthier.

Bradley, Chesterfield

I think we can just have school dinners, I like them more than packed lunches and so do my friends.

Kiera, London

I have a packed lunch almost every day because my mum and dad say school dinners cost too much money.

Elizabeth, Cornwall

I don't think packed lunches should be banned. My school serves pizza and chips which is not as healthy as my packed lunch!

Bethan, Stourbridge

I think this is a stupid idea. What if kids don't like the lunches on offer at school? Most mums and dads give kids healthy packed lunches anyway.

Zia, Scunthorpe

No, because some people bring really healthy things to school. As well as this some children may have allergies which can mean it is hard to find them a nutritious meal.

Georgia, Devon

No way! Some kids may have an allergy or dislike the food on offer in the canteen.

Connor, UK