Two-way shoes wins inventions title

The brains behind the two-way shoes - 'the twos' - have won Newsround's inventions competition, You Too Can Be An Absolute Genius.

All the ideas that made it to the final were brilliant and it was a very tough decision for the judges to make.

Oscar, Matthew and Ben from Cheshire presented an excellent pitch and were delighted to be crowned winners.

The shoes will now be professionally made and will be shown to the rest of the UK on Newsround.

Watch the video at the top of the page to see the winners being announced.

Check out all the ideas that made it to the final.

The first group of finalists demonstrate their invention, the magno-stick.

The second group pitch their idea of the super useful bunk bed box.

The third group show us their swim hat invention.

The fourth team - and the winners - pitch their special shoes.

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