Are there enough places to play tennis near where you live?

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How good are the tennis courts near you?

Loads of you have told Newsround you've been inspired by Andy Murray's amazing Wimbledon victory.

On Monday the tennis ace said for more kids to be able to get into the sport, more needs to be done to help them to get access to the right places.

He said he wants extra courts in schools and wants to see a higher number of people playing at a younger age.

He told journalists: "I hope more kids start playing tennis but for that to happen there needs to be all the right facilities."

We want to know what you think

Do you think there are enough places to play tennis?

Are there courts and clubs near where you live? Do you think they are too expensive to use?

Whatever you think, let us know!

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Your comments

"I play tennis at my local courts. I think it's great fun and really active but coaching can be pricey and I don't think it's taught at a high enough level in schools"

Lois, Canterbury, England

"I play tennis twice a week and there are quite a few clubs around me but we never play at school and I think there should be more tennis at school"

Hannah, Cheshire, England

"Luckily for me the tennis courts are free but there is only one court near my place and it's normally empty because I think that people aren't interested in tennis"

Arunan, London, England

"The nearest tennis court is half an hour away. I think there should be more tennis courts because I know loads of people that are amazing at tennis and want to play on a proper court"

Diya, Milton Keynes, England

"I love tennis and there are no tennis courts near me - wish I could have a mini Wimbledon in my garden"

Con-rad, Preston, England

"The tennis courts in my town are locked. I think the tennis courts should be open for free."

Vicky, Hampshire, England

"I don't think there are enough places in my town to play sport because we can only play at school or in the field. There are no clubs or courts in my area."

Shoaib, West Yorkshire, England

"My favourite sport is tennis but there are not a lot of spaces where I live. I wouldn't say it's expensive."

Astijus, West Yorkshire, England

"I don't have any tennis courts near my house or within two mile radius."

Suffian, West Yorkshire, England

"There are plenty of tennis facilities near us but they are too expensive. Six out of 28 children currently attend Tennis clubs. 14 more children would like to join a tennis club. The spaces are limited for tennis clubs and there are long waiting lists. The school tennis club does not teach to the level the children would like to learn to."

John Ball School, London, England

"Where I live there's a few places I could play tennis but they are all to far away. So when me and my friends want to play we play in a car park outside where I live, the problem is we all ways lose the balls around the car park."

Beth, Somerset, England

"I go to two tennis clubs and they both have really good courts and facilities. They are both really close."

Rachel, Glasgow, Scotland

"There are two tennis courts right next to me. One is super expensive and you have to be a member to play there, you can't just turn up and play. The other is much better value."

Nia, Cardiff, Wales

"We there are no tennis courts near where I live and me and my brother love tennis Andy inspired us a lot."

Tony, Preston, England

"We have three tennis courts near us but the problem is people tear down the nets for football!"

Amie, Leeds, England

"At our school we have three tennis courts and its only a nine minute drive to our local tennis courts which are slightly expensive."

Zara, East Sussex, England

"There are only two and it's £5 to get in from July and August but in winter and other seasons its free."

Chris, Coleraine, Northern Ireland

"No there are hardly any tennis courts and it's too much to pay to go to lessons."

Isaac, Lisburn, Northern Ireland

"We've got two courts in our park which at the moment are badly surfaced. Luckily our church is raising money for them to be resurfaced. They're free to use because they're part of the park."

Alice, Oxford, England

"I think there's not enough places that play tennis near where I live because no one plays tennis and they only play football and go on their scooters."

Holly, Lancashire, England

"Tennis is expensive but at school trampolining is £72."

Megan, Surrey, England

"There are not enough public courts in the place I live and no tennis courts in my school."

Scott, Rugby, England

"I think that there are not enough chances to play tennis in school. Our school focuses more on football, basketball and rugby and it would be nice to get the chance to play tennis."

Jessica, Hampshire, England

"There are some tennis courts around where I live but it is just to expensive to play. I would love to play tennis. I just don't have the money to be able to."

Robyn, Hertfordshire, England

"There are quite a few tennis places where I live but they are run down and small."

Amber, Lincolnshire, England

"There are no tennis lessons were I live and it's a real shame because I really want to play tennis."

Amelia, Flintshire, Wales

"I love tennis but I have nowhere to play it because some new school buildings have been built on our tennis courts in school so we can't do tennis in PE."

Emily, Stockton-on-Tees, England

"We have a tennis court near our park but the prices are too high."

Bethany, Sussex, England

"There are no areas around me except for one that's super expensive, I would love to play but I can't."

Rosie, Llanelli, Wales

"There are 2 tennis courts around me, I just started one it is only £20 a year and my friend goes too."

Declan, Glasgow, Scotland

"At our school there is a tennis court as soon as you come out so every dinner we all play tennis."

Leanne, Lancashire, England

"I don't think there are enough places to play tennis in my area - I love playing it with my friends at school, but it would be nice to have somewhere else to play here."

Molly, Surrey, England

"The closest courts for anytime leisure that I know of are at a university branch several miles away. I've only ever been there once."

Theo, Reading, England

"At my school there are no tennis courts but I think it will be good to have some, there are only plastic rackets and plastic balls at my school."

Amy, Hertfordshire, England

"I think there should be more indoor tennis areas because this country is not very lucky when it comes to weather so there won't be many chances of us playing outside."

Amy, London, England

"The only tennis court near my school is made of stones and there are only two tennis courts inside and we can't play in there during school time because it's out of school in the playing field."

Elizabeth, Cornwall, England

"I live right next to the recreation ground and it's in the middle of our village so every one can walk there easily! I love tennis but I still need a lot more practice!"

Catherine, Hertfordshire, England

"There aren't very many places to play tennis where I live. I think there should be more. It's not fair that people who really like tennis aren't able to play it because there is nowhere to play."

Osha, West Midlands, England

"I play tennis three times a week at a club but there should be more courts at schools and more tennis lessons at school so more people can learn."

Alex, Hertfordshire, England