Has Andy Murray winning Wimbledon inspired you?

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Andy Murray has become the first British tennis player to win the men's singles title at Wimbledon for 77 years.

Millions of fans watched at home as well as thousands in Wimbledon's Centre Court, cheering Andy on to his first win.

Only last year he was in tears losing against Roger Federer in the 2012 Wimbledon final.

But since then he's won gold at the Olympics, triumphed in the US Open and now adds Wimbledon to his successes.

Did you watch the match on Sunday? Has Andy's win inspired you? Has it made you want to take up tennis?

Whatever your comments, we want to know!

And if it has inspired you, why not check out Blue Peter's Sport Badge for getting involved in sport.

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Your comments

"Murray has inspired me to do tennis, to believe in myself and to know that I can achieve many things."

Xara, Leicester, England

"I play tennis and Andy has inspired me to carry on and never give up! I would love to play in Wimbledon one day just like him!"

Hannah, Cheshire, England

"I'm not at all good at tennis but Andy Murray inspired me to pick up the dreaded racket and have a go! We've waited 77 years for this... well done!"

Diya, Milton Keynes, England

"I stayed up till 1 in the morning to watch Andy because he has really inspired me to always keep trying. I'm so happy for him."

Sophie, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

"Andy Murray has inspired my friends and I. Last year, Andy Murray was bad at playing tennis but now he has improved and he is a better player than before. I bet you he will win next time he is the most brilliant tennis player ever."

Rachel, Sochia and Marria, Bradford, England

"Andy Murray, you have inspired both of us to reach out for our dreams and we can achieve anything even if we have little dreams. We will try and never give up."

Chloe and Caitlin, Bradford, England

"Andy Murray has inspired all three of us to think no matter what, just go for your dreams and you can achieve anything, even if it is a small dream, it still matters to you. Thank you Andy Murray for making us proud to be British."

Maimoonah, Mariam and Fiza, Bradford, England

"Being a sportswoman myself - even if I am not very good at tennis - Murray has inspired me lots! Great Britain has waited 77 Years for a Wimbledon men's champion and we don't have to wait anymore!! Well done Murray!"

Hemma, Horsham, England

"I don't think I'll be taking up tennis but it will definitely encourage me to stick to my hill walking and not give up even when I'm at the top of Ben Agloe at -12 degrees. Andy had a lot of guts to come back and he got his reward!"

Caitlin, Edinburgh, Scotland

"We think that Andy Murray inspires us to do our best. Even though we don't play tennis, his determination to improve and win is a valuable lesson to all of us!"

Heltwate (Amber Class), Peterborough, England

"Andy inspired me because he's such a good player and I wish to play in Wimbledon just like he does."

Freddie, Cape Town, South Africa

"Andy inspired me by coming back to try again, because of that courage he became stronger and won. I really want to be at Wimbledon when I am older because I play tennis so I just have to keep going like Andy has."

Grace, Cape Town, South Africa

"Class Abraham all watched the tennis yesterday. We are really inspired by Andy Murray, he was truly amazing and we all want to be fantastic tennis players! Well done Murray!"

Mrs O'Flaherty, London, England

"Yes he does, even when he loses I always think to myself you can't always win!"

Liam, Glasgow, Scotland

"Andy Murray has inspired me because he lost last year and then came back the next year and that takes courage - to come back and then to go and to come back and WIN. Well done Murray!!

Samuel, Port Talbot, Wales

"He has inspired me and I want to play tennis when I am older. Well done Andy."

Harrison, Wiltshire, England

"Andy Murray has really inspired me."

Ali, Leicester, England

"I'm soo happy!! He inspires me a lot!!"

Holly-mae, South Yorkshire, England

"He has inspired me but I am rubbish at tennis so that won't be my next sport! I really hope that he has inspired many people because he has made history. He won the Olympics at his sport and now Wimbledon - WOW!

Beth, York, England