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Pictures: Murray fans go all out to cheer him on

Banners, face paint and even nail art are all being used to cheer Andy Murray on in his fight to win Wimbledon.
I wonder who this woman wants to win? The answers written all over her face, Scottish player Murray is her pick for the Wimbledon winner.
Woman with Scottish flag face paint.
A team effort for this sign. Fans are pulling together to show Andy some love.
Fans hold banner supporting Murray.
This homemade sign is sure to give Murray a boost.
Girl holds sign supporting Murray.
These fans will be hoping Andy stays minty cool under pressure at the Wimbledon final.
Woman holds Murray's Mint banner.
Nice nails, this lady has her feeling written on her fingers. She'll be keeping them crossed for Andy then.
Woman with Andy Murray nail art.
This hairdresser in Andy's hometown of Dunblane has put this message on her window to spur him on to victory.
Gaynor Muir paints message of support on her shop window in Dunblane.