With things hotting up will you be watching Murray?

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Andy Murray signs autographs.

With things hotting up on Centre Court we asked if you planned to watch Murray in the Wimbledon final or enjoy the good weather another way.

The sunny spell over the last couple of days looks set to carry on with good weather in most parts of the UK.

We asked if you would be glued to the telly watching Murray at Wimbledon tempted outside by the sunshine.

Here are some of your comments

"I will be watching Murray whilst snacking on ice lollies."

Peter, Durham, UK

"I hope to watch it at a family party so COME ON MURRAY!"

Theo, Reading, England

Because it's so warm I might sit down for 20 minutes and watch a bit of Murray with my dad and go in my pool too."

Arlo, Sandown, England

"I am going sheep racing in Skipton."

Jackson, Heywood, England

"I am not watching Murray as I am going out for lunch and possibly playing in the garden."

Lucy, Birmingham, England

"I will be going to a garden party AND watching the final."

Madeline, Pontypool, Wales

"I am going to Paradise park today and we are all going to go instead of watching Andy Murray play at Wimbledon in the finals."

Elizabeth, Helston, England

"We will be watching Murray on TV, then we are having a barbeque."

Holly and Clare, Norfolk, England

"I don't watch tennis but my mum does and she forces me to watch it! ITS BORING!!"

Sofiya, Bury, England

"I won't be watching Andy Murray but will be at a dog show with my puppy Nora."

Abby , Surrey , England

"Of course I'll be watching Andy! He is a tennis hero and an inspirational person. Even though were going to Clitheroe castle, I'll be watching Andy Murray on my phone. I mean, who wouldn't?"

Ryan, Rishton, England

"I'm going to a Mad-Hatters party in Cambridge."

Kyra, London, England

"I'm not watching as I'll be helping at my School's Summer Fair. I hope he wins."

Zara, Surrey, England

"I won't be watching Andy Murray today because I am going to my friend's house. We will go shopping, then go back to her house and have dinner later."

Shaumya, Eastbourne, England

"I will be watching this match because I love tennis and we have planned our day around the match. Go Muzza!!!!!!!"

Beatrice, Kew, England

"I will be having a BBQ but will keep popping in to see the scores , we don't get this kind of weather every day !"

Maya, Hampshire, England

"I will be watching Andy Murray simply because my dad watches Wimbledon 24/7. Yesterday I switched the TV on and immediately he said 'Wimbledon please!'"

Eleanor, Tottenham, London

"We will be watching Murray as me and my family are big fans but I will be outside playing on my water slide as well."

Charlie, England

"I am not going to be watching because I'm having a water fight, but my mum definitely will be watching. Even though I won't be watching I'll still be rooting for him, as will the rest of Great Britain, especially Scotland."

Katie, Glasgow, Scotland

"Sadly I will not be watching Murray as I am performing in a festival but I wish Murray good luck."

Mary, London, England

"I can't watch Murray as I am going to the Hat Fair. But still COME ON MURRAY!"

Charlotte, Winchester, England

"Unfortunately I won't be watching the final as I'm going to the Waddington Air Show."

Daisy, Lincoln, England