Andy Murray is preparing to play in the Wimbledon final

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Hear what BBC Sports reporter John Watson thinks about Murray's chances.

Andy Murray is preparing for the Wimbledon final later.

He made it to this stage in the competition last year but lost out to Roger Federer.

This year he faces Novak Djokovic who played a tense five set match against Juan Martin Del Potro to secure his place in the final.

If Murray wins he will be the first British man to take the title in 77 years.

Former Wimbledon winner and BBC Sports commentator John McEnroe predicts a win for Murray on Sunday. He said:

"I favour Murray......Novak is a truly, truly great player, both of these guys are, but I think the crowd are going to give Murray that extra five or 10 per cent as well."

"It is going to be a fantastic final but I think Murray is ready. He is ready to finally do it."