Scientists create contact lenses that have telescopic vision

Last updated at 15:16
Human eye

One of Superman's many talents is his telescopic vision - he can zoom in on an object just using his eyes - and now scientists have created the next best thing!

Researchers have come up with different ways to create telescopic vision in the past, but this is the first time the technology has been made so small and easy to wear.

The special contact lens
The special contact lens, and picture c shows what it might look like on an eyeball.

The lenses are worn in the eye and when used with special glasses they can improve vision by making objects look almost three times bigger.

The special glasses have filters which allow the wearer to switch between normal and telescopic vision - to zoom in and out.

The lenses have been designed to help older people who have poor sight, but it's hoped that one day they may be used for other things too, and one suggestion is they could eventually be used by the army.