Cutlery can influence taste of food say scientists

Last updated at 09:57
Coloured spoons

What colour spoon did you eat your breakfast with?

A team from Oxford University has been looking at how the cutlery we use can influence the flavours we taste.

The scientists found that cheese tastes saltier when eaten from a knife rather than a fork; and white spoons can make yoghurt taste better.

The findings from the study suggest the brain makes judgements on how a food will taste before you put it in your mouth.

More than 100 students took part in three experiments looking at the influence of weight, colour and shape of cutlery on how food tastes.

As well as colour, the size of the cutlery was also found to change flavour.

Food was reported to be sweeter when served on smaller spoons.

Dr Harrar, who lead the experiment, said: "Subtly changing eating implements and tableware can affect how pleasurable, or filling, food appears."