Spy-leaker Snowden seeks refuge in Ecuador

Last updated at 18:21
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Ricky finds out more about spy-leaker Edward Snowden

The so-called spy-leaker Edward Snowden is on the run and is hoping to take refuge in Ecuador.

Snowden is wanted by America for claiming the government there used a secret surveillance system to collect information on ordinary people without them knowing.

He'd been hiding out in Hong Kong but has flown to Russia and is reported to be planning to go to Ecuador, South America.

However it was thought he would go to Cuba today, before travelling to Ecuador, but he didn't take the flight he was booked on.

It's not clear what his next moves are.

Lots of people say he's brave for speaking out, but the American government say he's broken strict intelligence laws.

He could face 30 years in jail but they can only punish him if they get him back to the US.