Andrea Begley wins The Voice - the right winner?

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Andrea Begley The Voice winner

Northern Irish singer Andrea Begley has won The Voice 2013.

The partially-sighted 27-year-old from Pomeroy, County Tyrone sang My Immortal by Evanescence, before performing Hall Of Fame with The Script.

Angel by Sarah McLachlan was her chosen song for the final round.

Leah McFall had been the favourite but her renditions of Loving You and and I Will Always Love You didn't get enough votes to win.

The other finalists were Birmingham singer Matt Henry, who was knocked out first, and Mike Ward from Salford.

Did the right person win?

Leah's coach gave his shocked reaction to Andrea's win, tweeting:

"Andrea is amazing...#dontGETmeWRONG...but we know who has the incredible #voice"

"You should feel the audience's vibration in the room tonight after the public's sad...#perplexed"

But on Sunday morning he said: "Congratulations to Andrea for winning."

So who did you think should have won The Voice 2013 and why?

Your comments

"I think it's good that Andrea won because Leah will still become a big star without winning the Voice. I'm sure the recording companies will all be fighting over her!"

Bethan, Colchester, England

"It should have been Leah and Andrea who won."

Richard, Hereford, England

"I love Andrea's voice and she's incredible for being 90% blind. But I think Leah's voice was more edgy. I couldn't choose the winner between them both though, but I'm happy for Andrea because she will have that extra bit confidence in her heart."

Chloe, South Shields, England

"I think Leah should have won because she had an amazing voice."

Kate, Plymouth, England

"I voted for Leah because she has a really powerful voice!"

Petra, Blackpool, England

"I think Leah should have won since her voice was the best out of all the finalists."

Rachel, Wakefield England

"I think Andrea deserved it. I voted for her because i thought she was really good!"

Ellie, Hertfordshire, England

"I think Mike because I got a bit bored of the 2 girls and I think it was the sympathy vote for Andrea."

Paddy, Liverpool, England

"I think Cleo should have won because she has a beautiful voice."

Jacob, Colchester, England

"I think all of them were great but my favourites were Matt and Leah."

Scarlett, England

"I think Andrea should have won because she had a really good voice and Leah is already a star with her voice."

Chloe, Halifax, England

"I think Leah should have won by miles because she can get a really high note. I have liked her since the first audition."

Hannah, Stoke-on-Trent, England

"I think all four finalists had very good voices. But I agree with Leah had the best voice and everyone thought she would win. But it just shows that even if you think they're going win and don't vote, other people will. And the person they vote for is the one they think will get the least votes so they actually win. "

Edie, Hampshire, England

"I think Leah should have won because she has a great voice and she has a great mentor -"

Jessie, Liverpool, England

"I think Leah should have won because she is an amazing singer. But I'm really happy for Andrea because she does have a lovely voice."

Ella, Portsmouth, England

"I thought Matt should have won, but when he went out I thought Leah should definitely have won. Because she's got such an AMAZING voice!"

Ruby, Sheffield, England

"I think Leah should have won because she has been my favourite from the start and she has got a song in the charts so I vote Leah!"

Sally, Renfrewshire, Scotland

"I think Andrea deserved to win because she has a unique voice and I love to hear her sing. But I can't wait to see Leah in concerts she is amazing!"

Maya, Hertfordshire, England

"Nah, I reckon Leah should have won she's an epic singer!"

Jack, Shrewsbury, England

"Leah was by far the best of the lot! But I still really like Andrea."

Bethany, Spalding, England

"I think that it is good that Andrea won as she has a good voice but I still think that Leah should have won as she has has an amazing voice and could make brilliant records."

Katie, London, England

"I think that it was the right winner who won. Sure Leah had a good voice but Andrea really did have THE VOICE!"

Sam, Ossett, England

"Andrea was great - I thought Leah was too shouty."

Sophia, England

"I think Andrea and Leah should have won. Both of their voices are amazing! They blow me away! It should have been a draw."

Rebecca, Aberdeen, Scotland

"Andrea is amazing no doubt. But for me I thought that Leah deserved to win. Her voice sends chills down everyone's back! She is amazing!!"

Polina, England

"My favourite went out of the competition ages ago, but I was really rooting for Leah and was devastated when she didn't win!"

Grace, Chester, England

"I think Matt should have won because he has a unique voice."

Jessica, Middlesbrough, England

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