Geak Ring and Sensoria socks latest wearable technology

Last updated at 12:19
Sensoria socks and Geak Ring

Check out the latest two wearable technologies - a ring that can unlock your phone and socks with sensors!

Sensoria socks from US company Heapsylon have sensors inside the fabric which measure things like pressure and balance.

An ankle band collects the information, so wearers can learn how to use their feet better.

The Geak Ring from Chinese company Shanda can be used to unlock an Android smartphone - by tapping it.

The creators say the ring can also download photos, contact details and other data onto friends' handsets.

They claim the ring should last for 99 years, and it does not need to be charged.

Pre-orders for the ring will be taken from August, but the socks are still in testing at the moment.

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