Rainy UK summers for 10 more years, say Met Office

Last updated at 12:53
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Ricky finds out what's going on with the weather...

The Met Office - who look at the UK's weather - have had a big meeting where they've suggested that we could have bad summer weather for another 10 years!

At a gathering in Exeter, they said they think a 10- to 20-year pattern of Atlantic Ocean warming is changing the position of something called the jet stream.

This narrow stream of fast flowing air is thought to have caused the wet weather in six of the last seven summers.

The basic rule is that if you're to the north of the jet stream during the summer, your weather is worse than normal, meaning cooler and wetter; if you're south of it, conditions are drier and warmer.

Right now, most of Britain is on the wrong side of the line - north of the stream. And that means it's going to be wet and cold.

Some hope ahead

And scientists and meteorologists have said it could continue to make our summers wetter for another 10 years!

But they did offer a glimmer of hope that the trend may change a little earlier than that - perhaps in the next five to 10 years.

"There are hints we are coming to the end of the cycle," said weather expert Prof Stephen Belcher.

Given there could be quite a few rainy days ahead - we've put together a guide to make wet weather wonderful. Check it out!