Despicable Me 2: what would you make your minions do?

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Despicable Me premiere

Friendly evil genius Gru and his little yellow minions are coming back to the big screen: Despicable Me 2 is out later this month.

So we're sending Martin to catch up with the cast at the London premiere.

The film stars the voice of Steve Carell as Gru, the loveable super-villain who adopts three girls from an orphanage.

We asked what you would do if, like Gru, you had hundreds of yellow minions to carry out your every request.

Here's a selection of what you had to say.

Your comments

"I would make my minions go to school instead of me! They would also do my jobs!"

Jake, England

"I would tell my minions to set up pranks around the house but if they were playing pranks on me, I would always have a couple of custard pies ready for them!"

Ethne, England

"I would make them build me a mansion out of chocolate."

Michael, England

"I would like them to do my homework and make me milkshakes!"

Priyankah, London, England

"My minions would live with me in my house and they could have a swimming pool and lots of bananas! I would ask them to chill out and sometimes I would ask them to snuggle with me and watch films!

Janet, Ascot, England

"We would get our minions to line up in the school dinner queue and get my lunch for me."

Class 7CCL Queensbridge School, Birmingham, England

"Make our dinner, do homework, clean my room, do my chores, give me pocket money, put our siblings on mute and drive us around!"

Ceris, Hemel Hempstead, England

"I would make them do a funny dance and the best gets a reward. Then I would make them massage me and feed me lots of sour sweets and chocolate."

Olivia, Cheltenham, England

"I would make them build a candy and sweets world for me to live in. Then they would have to invent candy trees so I could eat sweets all the time!"

Sasha, Leicester, England

"I would make them make me a remote control that has buttons to make me strawberry ice-cream, play jokes on my teachers and do all my homework right so I can sit back and relax. I would also do stuff for them like tuck them in at night and make them yummy food!! I LOVE MINIONS!"

Grace, Winsford, England

"If I had thousands of minions I would ask them to make an invisible calculator of all subjects so when the teacher asks me questions on the spot, instead of blushing, I will answer them super quick. It will leave him speechless!"

Niamh, Ashford, England

"I would take my minions to school and make them pull away my classmates chairs so when they go to sit down they will fall over!"

Katie, England

"I would help the elderly cross the road in every town and city. I also would make them fight all bad people. They would also have to do all my homework and prank the teachers I don't like, so I don't get into trouble. They would be well looked after and have their own bunk beds that they have to build like all the other furniture in my house. They would build scooters and bikes and would get to keep a scooter and bike to entertain themselves because I LOVE minions!"

Amy, Hertford, England

"I would make my minions eat all the things I don't want to eat and dress up as me and go to school so I don't have to."

Daisy, Shrewsbury, England

"I'll tell the minions to make a port hole to a different dimension where I am a King and I have my own golden sword."

Omar, London, England

"I would make them fly around the world to get souvenirs."

Oliver, London, England

"I would make a flying ice cream and fly to Moon. Then I would make the minions make cheese ice creams from the moon. Yum."

Phoebe, Bedford, England

"I would bring them to school and make them distract all the teachers and then the school will be for kids."

Joshua, London, England

"I'd make them entertain me and make me giggle."

Ella, Wrexham, Wales

"I would make it eat Oreos with me all day and watch Despicable Me because its the best film in the whole world!"

Georgia, Warwickshire, England

"I would make my minions clean out my animals and get me snacks and drinks."

Kirsty, Kings Lynn, England

"I would use the minions to help me do big Lego models."

Oliver, Surrey, England

"I would make them build a house for me with high tech gadgets."

Matthew, Horsham, England

"I would ask them to help me with my chores as I don't like them and after they've helped me I would take them for ice cream."

Ella, Gloucester, England

"I would disguise them as me and make them read books so that my Mum thinks I'm studying."

Enis, Essex, England

"If I had minions at my command I would make them sing for me in their funny language and learn a dance routine. Also, I would make them dress up as celebrities and do impressions."

Charlotte, Stoke On Trent, England

"I would ask them to cook meals ,ones that I like."

Francesca, North Wales

"I would make them throw a party and it would be really cool."

Cerys, Luton, England

"I would keep the minions for playing tricks on my teacher."

Chantelle, West Sussex, England

"If I had a minion I wouldn't make him do anything but he would be my best friend and hang out with me! That's what they do in my comic that I've made about minions!"

Olivia, High Wycombe, England

"I would make my minion go on holiday with me and we could have a really fun time as minions are hilarious."

Adam, Bristol, England

"I would have a party all night long and invite my minions and my friends!"

George, Stratford, England

"I would make them annoy my brother."

Alex, Northolt, England

"I would make my minions buy the winning lottery tickets every week!"

Thomas, Wirral, England

"I would make a remote control and then use him as a minion robot so they could do everything for me."

Holly, Hull, England

"I would make them find all of the sweets in the world and give them to me"

Isabella, Rugby, England

"I would make my minions get me anything I want and be like a friend to me!"

Megan, Huddersfield, England

"I would make them end wars."

Annabelle, Dumfries, Scotland

"I would make them sit on each others shoulders and dress up as me so I don't need to go to school!"

Joshy, Hertfordshire, England

"I would make my minions find out the secrets of the universe and why we are alive as I think it would be so cool to find out."

Mia-Emma, Dorset, England

"If I had minions I would make them find £10,000 and go to the worlds best estate agents and buy me a massive mansion, the biggest in the world and they could be my friends."

Hollie, Croydon, England

"Mine would fly, teleport and change colour."

Zia, Scunthorpe, England

"I would dress up my minion to look like me so I wouldn't have to go to school."

Ethan, Birmingham, England

"I would make my minions buy chocolate for me."

Muhammmad, London, England

"I would get my minions to make me my favourite food."

Tara, Ipswich, England

"I would send my minions to build a rocket and do my homework. I would also make them read me a story!"

Kai, Pontypool, Wales

"I would like them to bring me sweets without my parents knowing!"

Abbas, London, England

"My minions would make me food and give me ice cream and also do my homework for me."

Sinead, London, England

"I would make them do my homework."

Lois, Aberdeenshire, Scotland

"My minions would do ALL of my chores, so I would never have to do them again!"

Harry, Buckinghamshire, England

"I would make him make the biggest toy in the world."

Dilesha, West Bromwich, England

"I would make it draw the lottery so I could win and get to meet One Direction!"

Ellie, Nottinghamshire, England

"I would like them to do all my chores so I can sit and relax!"

Ju, Birmingham, England