Dani Harmer: 'It's important to be happy with yourself'

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Ricky chats to Dani Harmer...

Dani Harmer has told Newsround that growing up as a TV star made her feel pressure over the way she looks.

Dani grew up on our screens playing Tracy Beaker and said seeing herself on TV was misleading because it made her look bigger than she is.

Speaking about pressure from other people, she said: "I think it is quite a lot down to Twitter and Facebook.

"Some people have nothing better to do with their time than just send abuse to people. I don't really understand it."

And on the issue of airbrushing celeb photos: "I don't get the point with airbrushing at all.

"We should just be happy with the way we are, everyone is completely different."

She continued: "It's really important to be happy with yourself - I just don't care what other people think anymore."

After leaving CBBC's hugely successful Tracy Beaker series, Dani took part in the 2012 series of Strictly Come Dancing, losing out to Olympic gymnast Louis Smith in December's final.