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Creative grooming competition shows crazy dog designs

Take a look at the stars of a dog grooming competition in America, where the crazy-looking canines have been perfectly preened!
The creative grooming competition takes places every year in Hershey, Pennsylvania in the USA. Some of this year's designs were a bit scary - like this shark one!
Dog groomed with bright colours and a shark design.
Even a robot dog made an appearance in the images, captured by animal photographer Ren Netherland.
A dog groomed with a blue robot design.
This crafty canine has been made to look like it's half-tiger-half-elephant!
Dog groomed to look like an elephant and tiger.
The pooches weren't just made to look like other animals - this pup was decorated with an exotic flower design.
A dog groomed with a bright flower design.
The extreme grooming ideas also included mythical creatures like dragons.
A white dog groomed with a green dragon design.
It takes two intense hours to create the doggy designs - like this Disney themed one. Note the tail!
A dog groomed with Disney character designs - Goofy and Minnie Mouse.
The pampered pups have to get their hair grown out in preparation for the trim.
Dog groomed with a jester design and hat.
Penguins, hippos and lions make up this dashing dog's design. Apart from the glory, owners can scoop up to $5,000 (£3,200) in prize money.
Dog groomed to look like a lion, hippo and penguins.
Exotic birds was the theme for this colourful canine which was made to look like a flamingo AND a parrot.
Dog groomed to look like exotic birds.
Big Bird and Elmo made it into this design, which comes complete with a sidekick - Oscar the Grouch. Doesn't he look pleased with himself!
A dog groomed to look like Big Bird and Elmo.