Will.i.am criticises label for Leanne's album flop

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Ricky chats to Leanne from The Voice...

Will.i.am has criticised record label Universal for Leanne Mitchell's lack of album sales, since winning The Voice last year.

Leanne's first album missed out on the top 100 and her first single 'Run to You' didn't reach the top 40.

In an interview with the Radio Times, The Voice coach said Universal should be embarrassed and that somebody should be held accountable.

He blamed the poor performance of her album on the decision to launch it a year after she won the contest.

Leanne is signed to Decca records, which is part of Universal Music. Newsround has tried to get in touch with Decca for a statement but we've not yet heard back from them.

Speaking about The Voice, Will.i.am also said he thinks some things need to change to make it more exciting.

"If it was always blind auditions, you'd get bored of that, too. I think something has to happen at the end that is just as unique. As the series nears its end it needs to be better than it was at the beginning."

The Voice was recently renewed for a third series but has struggled against rival shows like Britain's Got Talent in ratings.

The final of this year's The Voice takes place this Saturday.