Under-12s football team heads to Wembley Stadium

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Next generation of England footballers?

On Saturday four young teams from across England competed for the chance to represent their country at the Danone Nations Cup.

The competition sees school football teams of 10 to 12-year-olds from 32 different countries battle it out for the top prize.

It's the biggest international football competition for kids and each year around 2.5 million children take part.

4,000 primary schools from across England entered the tournament but it was teams from Rickling, Hull PSFA, Edmund Waller and Cardinal Heenan who made it through to the final stage.

After a day of tough games at St George's Park, the new home of the England football team, one team stood out from the rest.

Cardinal Heenan along with three players from Emerson School won their all of their matches.

They'll now represent England at the grand final at Wembley Stadium in September.