Who do you think deserves a special honour?

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Adele is to receive an MBE for services to music.

The popstar will be given the special award as part of the Queen's Birthday Honours list.

It's already been a great year for the singer, who picked up the best song prize at the Oscars for Skyfall.

Sports broadcaster Clare Balding is also on the list, she's been given an OBE.

A total of 1,180 people have been named on the Birthday Honours list for their services.

Twice a year the Queen honours people who have made an outstanding contribution to society.

They can receive a special title like MBE, or are knighted and become a Sir or Dame.

Anyone can recommend someone to be honoured but nominations are finally decided by the government.

We asked you who should be given an honour, check out some of your answers below.

Your comments

"I think any teacher who has helped make SATs less painful and a happier time for kids whilst being completely calm deserves an MBE."

Vita, Birmingham, England

"I think that my mum deserves a special honour because she is working really hard to make our new house a place I will feel proud to bring my friends home to."

Ella, Wiltshire, England

"I think my best friends Kelly and Caitlyn should get an award because they are always there for me and when some one's mean to me they always stick up for me."

Evie, Stafford, England

"I think my best mate Chase deserves an award because he is always there for me helping me with my football skills."

Abbie, Plymouth, England

"Chloe McCardel should get an award, she's so inspirational, and is so brave to even attempt swimming in shark infested waters."

Wilubee, Isle of Wight, England

"I will give an MBE to all of my teachers, they are amazing!"

Chloe, Shirley, England

"I think all my friends should get MBEs because they are AWESOME."

Becca, Glasgow, Scotland

"I think Ellen Whitaker should get one as she has inspired me to be a show jumper and is the best show jumper EVER!"

Shannon, County Cavan, Ireland

"I would give Helen Skelton an MBE because she is an inspiration to many children across the country because of all the challenges she does. It shows if you put your mind to it you can do it."

Louise, Crewe, England

"I think an honour should go to my mum because I love her so much."

Charlotte, Tamworth, England

"I think the Friday Download team should get an MBE because they're AWESOME!"

Megan, Huddersfield, England

"I think Ed Sheeran should get one because he is the greatest singer ever made."

Maia, Coleraine, Northern Ireland

"I think all the actors who played the Doctor from Doctor Who should get an honour."

Isobel, London, England

"I think that Dani Harmer should get an MBE cause she's an amazing actor!"

Molly, Isle of Man, England

"I think Ricky should get one because he is such a good presenter."

Jai, London, England

"I think Shaun Foggett should win one, because he is really inspirational to me."

Cayden, Eastbourne, England

"I think Harry Styles should get one for his good looks and amazing voice."

Hope, London, England

"I think Aston Merrygold should get an special honour because he is a good dancer and a good singer!"

Jessica, Reading, England

"I think that Malala Yousafzai should get one, for getting through the injury to her brain."

Annabelle, Dumfries, Scotland

"I think that the Newsround team should get an MBE because they are AMAZING at what they do."

Andrew, West Lothian, Scotland

"I think that Jessie J should win an honour because she shaved her head on Red Nose day."

Sanija, Kent, England

"I think the editors of newspapers should get awards because they spend all of their time writing news stories."

Merry, Worcestershire, England

"I would give an MBE to Hacker because he is EPIC and then another to Dodge because he is AWESOME! They also both do loads for the CBBC office and make everyone laugh!"

Jess, Surrey, England

"Hacker because he does a lot of comedy in the CBBC office and CBBC extra office."

Rhys, Swansea, Wales

"Helen from Blue Peter because of all her charity work and stunts she is just AMAZING."

Cait, Newcastle, England

"I would give Michael Morpurgo an honour because his books are so amazing and war horse has been made into a film and a play!"

Hannah, Pembrokeshire, Wales

"I would give my Dad an MBE because he is the best dad ever!!!"

Lilyemma, Suffolk, England

"I would give a honour to my mum because she is always there for me and helps me and cares for me."

Hanyaz, Leicester, England

"I think Miranda Hart should get an MBE for service to comedy."

Tomos, Denbighshire, Wales

"Lewis Hamilton for being the F1 champ in 2008."

Josh, Derby, England

"I think all my friends deserve a special honour as they are always there to support me and are always great fun to be around and spend time with!"

Harry, Newcastle, England

"I think Little mix should get one because they are amazing and inspire loads of people!"

Mia, Essex, England

"I would give an MBE to Matt Smith because he is such a good actor."

Isaac, Pembrokeshire, Wales

"I think One Direction should get an MBE because they ROCK!"

Freya, Kent, England

"I think my mum should win an award as she is the best mum ever!"

Serena, Weston-Super-Mare, England

"I think Justin Bieber should get an MBE as he has made an outstanding contribution to society in the UK and lots of other countries."

Courtney, Kent, England