Swimmer talks about painful jellyfish attack

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Swimmer talks about jellyfish attack

An Australian swimmer stung by jellyfish while trying to swim from Cuba to Florida has said she won't be attempting the challenge again.

Chloe McCardel was trying to become the first person to swim the distance without a shark cage.

But 11 hours into the 103 mile journey the swimmer was forced to stop after she was attacked by a swarm of jellyfish.

She said; "It was two and a half hours of the worst pain, continuously, every second, of my whole entire life. It's like fireballs in every fibre.

"I just knew that something, looked like, felt like something was attacking me.

"It wasn't a shark, I can tell you that. It didn't have big teeth, but it was, it was like being zapped."

The stretch of water between Cuba and the south of Florida is famous for being home to the box jellyfish, one of the most dangerous in the world.