Dornier WWII bomber plane raised from English Channel

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A German bomber plane from World War II has been brought up from the bottom of the English Channel.

The Dornier 17 is the last remaining aircraft of its kind in the world. It was shot down in 1940 and was underwater for more than 70 years.

The planes were used by the Germans to attack RAF airfields and British cities during the Battle of Britain.

After weeks of bad weather, attempts by the RAF Museum to bring up the wreck finally succeeded on Monday.

The remains are badly corroded, but much of the plane has survived.

The tyres are still inflated and the propellers even have 1940s grease on them!

Its engines have separated from the plane and will be raised from the sea later.

The bomber will now be restored before going on display in London.

Underwater pictures courtesy of Seadive Organisation. Black and white pictures courtesy of RAF Museum/EADS.