World toe wrestling championships

The world toe wrestling championships have taken place in Derbyshire - it's a bit like arm wrestling, but with feet!

Wrestlers go head to head, or rather toe to toe, in best-of-three knockout rounds until there's a winner.

There are no smelly feet allowed - everyone has a hygiene check before they compete.

This year's women's title was taken by Becca Beech for the second year running, and the men's competition was won by Alan 'Nasty' Nash for 10th time!

Alan 'Nasty' Nash said: "You've got to have good thighs to be a good toe wrestler. It also helps to have good shoulders... you've got to keep the power, because the stability, holding the position that you're in, you've got to go for stamina as well."

The championships were first created in the 1970s and now happens every year.

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