What would you like to control with your mind?

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Watch this robot being controlled by mind power alone

Scientists in America have developed a robo-copter which is controlled by thought alone.

The "pilot" wears a cap which sends electric currents from their brain to a computer, which then beams the commands to the helicopter.

It's hoped the technology can be developed to help people with mobility problems.

This got us thinking about other things that you could control just by using the power of your mind.

Would you like to be able to complete your homework from the comfort of your own bed, feed your pets without moving a muscle, or even play tricks on your teacher?

If you could use your mind to control things - what would you control and do?

Your Comments:

"I would like to control all the chocolates so that they would go into my mouth - I am a chocolate fan and I am greedy!"

Subicsha, London, England

"I would control the TV with my mind, because it would save me getting the remote control every single time!"

Sarah, Manchester, England

"I think it is awesome that were are now able to use our minds to control things - soon we will be able to use our minds to change the TV channel or turn up the sound, and lots more!"

Herbie, Bucks, England

"I would use mind control to turn the page of my book when I'd finished reading the page!"

Maya, New Jersey, America

"I would control the ice cream vans in town so that they bring all the ice cream to my house!"

Zia, Scunthorpe, England