Jose Mourinho returns to manage Chelsea on 4-year deal

Last updated at 13:47
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Hear Mourinho talk last month about his plans for the future.

Jose Mourinho has been confirmed as the new manager of Chelsea, returning to Stamford Bridge on a four-year deal.

Mourinho left Real Madrid last weekend after three years in charge and will replace Rafael Benitez.

Mourinho previously managed Chelsea between 2004 and 2007, leading the club to two Premier League titles.

He also won the FA Cup and two League Cups before leaving in September 2007 to join Inter Milan.

Chelsea chief executive Ron Gourlay said: "He was and remains a hugely popular figure at the club and everyone here looks forward to working with him again.

"It is our aim to keep the club moving forward to achieve greater success in the future and Jose is our number one choice as we believe he is the right manager to do just that."

Mourinho said recently on Spanish TV: "I would like to be [Chelsea's coach] because I was happy in London and I feel that the people there love me.

"Life is beautiful and short, and in life you have to seek out what you think is best for you."

Over the weekend, the Premier League had to apologise to Chelsea after its website published a story announcing Mourinho as the new boss at Stamford Bridge.

They blamed a "publishing error" for what appeared to be a pre-written story, which included the headline: "Portuguese coach is back at Stamford Bridge after signing a xx-year contract."