Do your parents ever embarrass you in public?

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Will Smith and son

Jaden Smith may be a big movie star, but he still gets embarrassed by his parents.

The 14-year-old is starring alongside his dad Will Smith in the new blockbuster movie After Earth.

He's said he can't stand it when his dad kisses him in public, when they are promoting movies together.

Do your parents embarrass you?

It got us wondering whether you get the same problem - do your parents embarrass you in public?

The chat's now closed but here are some of your comments below.

Your Comments:

"There is this girl I really like and whenever my mom comes to school she likes to kiss and hug me and she always seems to do it when the girl I like is around."

Zach, USA

"When my parents are trying to act cool so my dad says, 'Yea... I'm down with the kids.' It really embarrasses me!"

Anne, England

"I love my parents lots, but when it comes to going to school with my dad, I sometimes wish I could walk all by myself because he shouts from the car, when I am walking up the path: 'Love you Beanie, see you after school, and listen to the teacher!'"

Ellie, Twickenham , England

"Both my parents are terrible dancers and they always dance at my parties in front of my friends! I cringe so badly when this happens."

Katy, Wallasey, England

"My parents embarrass me in public by kissing each other at restaurants. I know they are trying to be affectionate but it gets annoying."

Isabelle, Biot, France

"Sometimes my stepdad puts music on the TV and then he dances to it with my mum in the living room, with the curtains open in broad daylight!"

Milla, Leeds, England

"I hate it when my dad sings in public at the top of his voice with the window down when I am in the car! "

Abby, North Lanarkshire, Scotland

"My dad is a builder, and when he's working nearby on a scaffold and sees me, he'll shout out my name so everyone can hear, and then start singing songs to me! It's so embarrassing, but everybody else just finds it funny!"

Amy, Northampton, England

"My parents are lovely. I don't care if they embarrass me, even if they trump near me, I don't mind."

Amrit, Derby, England

"Yes, my mum talks on her phone 24/7 loudly and it's in a different language as well!"

Grace, Gloucester, England

"My dad always trumps in public and everyone keeps looking at us!"

Sasha, London, England

"My mum comes into my room at random times when I'm watching TV or listening to music and does silly dances. Especially when my friends are over - it's so embarrassing."

Paige, Doncaster, England

"My mum embarrasses me by teaching all of my friends the moonwalk! Then all my friends that have been 'taught' it go and tell all my other friends!"

Cerys, Durham, England

"When my mum and I went to Tesco she started doing Gangnam Style and shouting Gangnam Style! People started to look at me funny!"

Charise, London, England

"My parents embarrass me by spitting on a tissue and then wiping my face with it, after I have been eating cake or ice-cream or something messy. It is really annoying!"

Mimi, London, England

"Sometimes they try to make me laugh and it is embarrassing. But it is better to have fun parents rather than boring ones!"

Ally, London, England

"My mum sometimes embarrasses me around my friends at school - she kisses and hugs me - it really is embarrassing!"

Elliot, Buckinghamshire, England

"My parents can embarrass me in public, especially my dad who thinks he can do the best Gangnam -style!"

Katie, Warwickshire, England

"Once when I was starting my new school my mum followed me into the cloakroom and as I was walking into class she said "see you after school hunny-bun" and I went bright red!

Molly, Lancaster, England