Thousands in Turkey protests against government

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Thousands of people across Turkey have been taking part in protests against the government.

The unrest began when police tried to stop a demonstration over plans to build over a public park in the city of Istanbul.

That snowballed into protests across the country on Friday and Saturday.

It's thought many of the demonstrators are unhappy because they believe the government wants to take away some of their personal freedoms.

Protestors say that the Prime Minister is trying to turn Turkey into a stricter, more religious country.

But the PM, Recep Tayyip Erdogan, said the protests were organised by extremists and accused them of provoking "his citizens".

Officials say more than 1,700 people had been arrested during the protests, though many have since been released.

Dozens of people have been injured in the violence. Cars and trucks have been burned and destroyed.

Some countries have expressed concern over the way the police have handled the situation.