Plan to ban new chip shops opening before 5pm in Salford

Last updated at 10:42
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No fry before five? Ricky reports on the possible fast food ban!

New fast food shops could be banned from opening before 5pm in a part of Greater Manchester - to try to stop kids from getting fat.

The idea's to make it harder for children to buy things like chips and burgers on their way home from school.

Salford City Council says it's suggesting the plan to help improve health and cut obesity levels in kids.

Some local authorities have already banned new takeaways from opening near schools.

"The evidence is very, very clear that dietary preferences and habits are learned from the environment in which we all grow up," said food policy expert Dr Corinna Hawkes at the World Cancer Research Fund International.

"So that means in order to change our preferences, to change our habits, we have to change our environment."