Does people using phones at gigs ruin it for you?

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Bands like Alt-J have said they're really frustrated when fans film at their gigs because it can ruin the atmosphere.

Gus from the band says: "I really want to say on stage sometimes, this is our last song, just put down your phones and enjoy it and remember it."

"I'm not even sure what people do with that footage, it probably looks and sounds really rubbish."

And it's not just Alt-J who feel that way. At Radio One's Big Weekend in Northern Ireland, lots of people were filming acts.

Big names like Jack White and the Yeah Yeah Yeahs have even put up signs at their gigs asking people to leave their mobiles in their pockets.

But Misha B doesn't agree - she told Newsround: "I feel that if fans have taken their time to buy tickets and go to the show, if they want to watch it on their phones it's totally up to them!"

Does filming on mobiles ruin gigs?

We asked you for your thoughts on this. Does filming at gigs ruin the experience? Maybe you like using your phone to grab memories of the gig?

Here's what some of you had to say:

Your comments:

"I don't ever want to film songs that are live and I hate it at festivals when your phone rings when you're watching live music."

Lula, Brighton, England

"I think that you should not be able to film at gigs because it annoys and distracts other people so they are not enjoying themselves. People should just enjoy it instead of just filming!"

Harmony, Plymouth, England

"I think it's OK if they film just one song just to remind you but I don't like people who hold there phones up the entire gig."

Eireann, Belfast, Northern Ireland

"I think you should be allowed to film the experience of watching someone live, so you never forget it! Some pop stars get their phones out and take a picture of all the flashes of the smartphones, so why can't we?

Hannah, Nottinghamshire, England

"I think that it's ok if you want to take photos or a video but it's annoying when people have their phones in the air throughout the gig!"

Lily, London, England

"It honestly depends on how you look at it. Recording at a gig means you have a video or a picture that will last forever and bring back lots of memories in years to come, not recording means you can fully enjoy the gig, listen to the music and enjoy yourself without worrying that you're going to drop your phone and smash it."

Rachel, Glasgow, Scotland

"I think it does ruin gigs because because once I went to a 1D concert and someone's phone started to ring. it was so annoying."

Jade, Berkshire, England

"I think it is a silly idea to film it all the way through, but if you are just taking the odd picture of your favourite band/ singer, that is fine as you want to remember that day, but if you are filming it the whole time it is just being a bit silly!"

Hannah, Devon, England

"I think that filming at a gig should be stopped, you are at a gig to have an amazing time so please put down your phones and just have fun."

Aysha, Keighley, England

"I think using mobile phones ruin the concert and if someone rings you, it disturbs the performers and the rest of the audience."

Rebecca, Somerset, England

"I think using phones at concerts definitely ruins it for everybody, for instance if you're at say the 4th row and everybody's waving their phones about, you won't be able to see anything - only the mobile phone screens! Also the footage would be terrible!"

Leah, Skegness, England

"I think using mobiles ruin the atmosphere and after a few months you forget and you look at the video you see the video and you think (because of the condition of the video), it was rubbish."

Aisha, London, England

''I think it's wrong to film people when they are performing or singing in a gig. It pressures and worries them! They might think the video will go online and people make fun of them!"

Beth, London, England

"I think the band/ singer should tell people not to film if they don't like it before a gig, it's simple!"

Rockeeb, Leeds, England

"I feel like bands don't understand how it feels being at a inspirations concert and how you want to look back at that moment you saw them. For most, it's more than a concert and it's a dream come true."

Krupa, London, England

"I think that it doesn't ruin the atmosphere because you can film something and about 10 years later, you can look back at it. You can keep those videos as old memories and one day maybe show them to your grandchildren."

Kaoutar, Manchester, England

"I went to see Take That and I really enjoyed it. When I watch back some of the songs I filmed, I remember how good it was."

Holly, Chester, England

"I think you shouldn't have phones at gigs because it might disturb the band and put them off."

Sanna, Manchester, England

"I think you should be allowed to use your phone in a concert, but you should have to stand at the back."

Mitzi, Manchester, England

"If you use a phone at a gig it could easily be stolen. The footage would be fuzzy and blurred because of fans jumping round in the crowd!"

Macie, Southampton, England

"I think phones do ruin gigs. A, you can't really hear the performance properly. B. It is a waste that you can't watch the performance properly because you are worrying about filming instead."

Sara, London, England

"If you're the band then you wouldn't want people putting up their phones and it's going flash flash flash."

Natalia, England

"I think it ruins it because some people are short and if you are a tall person waving mobile phones, what do you think that the short person feels? He/ she might be just standing for hours and can't see a thing so he wasted his money to come to the concert or gig."

Emaan, Sheffield, England

"We think using a mobile phone at a gig is not a bad idea as you are able to capture moments of the show and you are able to keep the videos as valuable memories."

Zeeshan and Ali, London, England

"I think that it's fine because how does it affect the bands!"

Muhammed, Bedford, England

"I've never been to a concert but I don't think it spoils anything because then you have a memory to keep and show your friends."

Sama, London, England

"I think it will ruin the atmosphere at gigs because if everyone is waving phones about, then you won't be able to see the performers. Also, there is a chance that your phone could get stolen and the stage lights will ruin the video. If its a really big night for you, you will remember it anyway. But it should be okay if you are just filming so that other people can see."

Ella, London, England

"I think that using phones in a concert is a good idea for the beginning of the show, I think in the middle and maybe the end the phones should be off."

Amina, Bradford, England

"I think it does ruin gigs. I went to a concert in March, I was 8 then and I was surrounded by teenagers holding phones up and I couldn't see One Direction."

Elliot, Birmingham, England

"I think using phones in gigs is good because then you have a memory."

Alice, York, England

"I don't think it ruins it. I was desperate to go to a 1D concert but I was too young to go on my own so my sister went and filmed some of it for me to watch."

Jennie, Warwickshire, England

"I filmed some of One Directions concert to remember the day! Nothing wrong with wanting to remember it is there?"

Meg, England

"I would say it is not going to ruin it because you can go back home and show your family."

Jack, London, England

"I think having mobiles at gigs is a bad idea because if it gets lost or broken, you will not have a phone anymore."

Natasha, Boston, England

"I think it does ruin the atmosphere, because people are focusing more on what they're recording, not on the song. If people put mobiles away, it would make concerts more enjoyable."

Anna, Bangor, Northern Ireland

"I think that using phones is a good idea because it might bring back memories."

Zeeshan, London, England

"I do think sometimes but you have to think about it fairly on both sides... what if the person filming wants a video to remember the moment they saw the performer?"

Kristy, London, England

"It's just people filming because they want to remember the day. There isn't anything wrong with that!"

Ikram, Birmingham, England

"I think that having phones at gigs does ruin the atmosphere. It gets in other people's way! Why don't you bring a camera if you want to take pictures or films? Also there is the danger of having your phone stolen at really busy gigs!"

Erin, Somerset, England

"I think using mobiles to film is going to ruin it because people will be jumping about. The film won't be clear and there might not even be signal."

Rahma, Cardiff, Wales