Stereotypes - have you ever been judged by how you look?

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Martin explains why stereotypes are offensive

Comments made by golfer Sergio Garcia about Tiger Woods hit the headlines because they were considered racist.

Sergio Garcia was reported to say he would offer black golfer Tiger Woods fried chicken for dinner.

The idea that he would like fried chicken caused offence because it was seen as an assumption based on the colour of his skin. Check out Doc Brown's explanation here.

This is called a stereotype, which is a term for when someone makes a judgement about another person based on false - and sometimes insulting - ideas.

Though stereotypes are often used in comedy or jokes, they are sometimes very hurtful to the people, or group of people, they are aimed at.

Your views

Here at Newsround, we've been thinking about what a stereotype is, and why it is offensive, and we want to know if you have ever been judged because of what you look like or where you are from? Did you find it hurtful?

Remember there are lots of places you can get advice or help if you think you are being bullied.

"I have been bullied a lot because of what i look like. I am also very short for my age and have been called things called midget. I used to find this hurtful but now I've learned to block these people out I have amazing friends who like me for me I'm not changing for anyone! :) x"

Gracie, Wolverhampton, England

"Yes I have been judged for how I look and have been called ugly and a weirdo person but you don't have to care what they say, carry on with your dress up!"

Parto, London, England

"It does not matter what you look like people judge me all the time"

Mason, Plymouth, England

"I am sometimes judged because I am the only Brit in my school and sometimes people just try to use me as a friend so that they can hear my accent"

Maya, New Jersey, America

"I am bullied and teased all the time because I dress different but still like a boy but because I am different"

Callum, Bradford, West Yorkshire

"I think that some people do judge you for how you look and that can take a big affect on how you think about yourself but that doesn't always happen. For example, I live in New Delhi, India and I go to an American International school and there are many people from many different places and yet I have friends from all over the world that a completely different to me in looks yet we are really good friends. It shouldn't matter on where you are from. Even though I am from the UK, it shouldn't matter if I were American, Chinese or Australian. Stereotypes can be a pain but you just have to prove that maybe you aren't the norm. You're different. There is none quite like you and you should be proud about that! You are you and no one should be allowed to change that!"

Aliya, New Delhi, India

"It doesn't matter what your skin colour or your hair colour is, it's about how much you are nice and kind."

Kiah, South Dakota, USA

"Be who you are, If people judge you for what you do and then you change it they still wont be happy. I have been judged alot..."

Linda, England

"Be who you are. Don't let other people turn you down just on how you look. If you're nice on the inside, that's all that matters."

Izzy, London

"It does not matter what you look like you are the same as every one else"

Ben, Aberdeen, Scotland

"People started calling me a nerd and a geek because I wear glasses and I get good marks in class. I find it very hurtful and I wish that stereotyping could be banned. Everyone is unique and different in their own way, so why stereotype?"

Kaoutar, Manchester

"Everyone is human, no matter what your skin colour, hair colour, weight, height, age or gender, so why are people judged?"

Libby, Pontefract, United Kingdom

"I've been judged lots of times and it is quite upsetting sometimes. I used to have short hair and when I went into comp lots of people called me a boy. I got quite upset but then I realised that the bullies know that I was upset and so if I ignored them they might stop . I tried ignoring them and it worked!!!!!!!! Lots and lots of people stopped. People should stop and get to know people before they judge them."

Isabelle, Wales