Garcia and O'Grady comments start golf racism row

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Doc Brown explains why the comments are offensive

Comments made by golfer Sergio Garcia and golf boss George O'Grady have started a row over racism.

Sergio Garcia started it by saying he would offer black golfer Tiger Woods fried chicken for dinner.

The idea that he would like fried chicken caused offence because it was seen as an assumption based on the colour of his skin.

It's a stereotype that black people in America like eating fried chicken.

Garcia and O'Grady comments start golf racism rowGetty Images
Sergio Garcia has apologised since making the comments

A stereotype is a judgement made about a person based on things like their race, nationality, or religion.

Woods said that Garcia offering him fried chicken was "wrong, hurtful and clearly inappropriate".

Later a man who organises golf used the word 'coloured', which lots of people find offensive.

George O'Grady organises European golf competitions, and was trying to stick up for Sergio Garcia after he was criticised.

But by using the word 'coloured', O'Grady made the argument worse.

Both Sergio Garcia and George O'Grady have apologised for comments they have made.