Couple come home to house painted bright pink as joke

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'Mr Blobby house' in Southend

A couple came home from holiday to find that their house had been painted pink and spotty for a joke.

It had been done by the man's brother to get him back to a previous prank six years ago.

Russell O'Rourke was getting back at his brother Steve who had built a brick wall across his driveway when he was on his honeymoon.

The house was painted in colours of a TV character famous in the 1990s called Mr Blobby.

Mr and Mrs O'Rourke say they don't think they will keep the new colour but it might take a while to change it.

Steve's wife said it was a shock but she could see the funny side. She said:

"Everyone seems to love it and is taking pictures, they think it's hilarious."

"The neighbours have said it brightens up the street and we should keep it."