We asked you if you would like to go into space?

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Major Tim Peake

The first official British astronaut has been chosen to go into space in 2015.

Major Tim Peake has been in training all over the world in preparation for the trip.

We asked if being an astronaut is something you'd like to do.

Your comments

"I absolutely love space and would like to be the first young teenager to discover a new planet or maybe a living thing. However, it could be dangerous as I might get lost or run out of oxygen!"

Kaoutar, Manchester, England

"I would like to go to space, but the amount of training you have to do is quite a lot. Also you could die in space, so that is very worrying."

Jeea, Harrow, England

"I would love to go into space and do gangnam style while floating in mid air but I would also be very anxious."

Emily, Essex, England

"I am scared of heights and I think it would be very scary when you look down!"

Klaudia, West Yorkshire, England

"I would love to go to space because it would be a nice view of earth and the stars!"

Dylan, Richmond England

"I would love to go into space because of the views and being able to float about. I would miss my family though."

Madison, Nottingham, England

"It would be fun to play golf in space and drive a moon buggy."

Edward, Blackburn, England

"It would be cool but I'd miss my family."

Adam, Maybole, Scotland

"I would love to go to Mars and see aliens."

Ethan, Birmingham, England

"I would love to go to space! It would be so cool because there would be no gravity and I would love to float around. I would also be quite scared though, what if you got lost?"

Ellie, Surrey, England

"If I had the chance to go to space I would play football on the moon then we could make a new sport moonball."

Johnny, Newcastle Upon Tyne, England

"I'd like it if I could discover things but it would be quite lonely."

Aoife, Coventry, England

"I would absolutely love to go to space. We studied about space and astronauts in science this year and I loved it. I think space is amazing and it would be a great experience, if maybe, one day I could go to space. It would be cool to be out of this world and look down on earth as well as check out new planets. I just love the solar system."

Zainab, Birmingham, England

"I would love to be an astronaut and go to space because I would be able to see things that I would never be able to see on Earth. I would also be able to pick up some diamonds in Neptune!"

Kaoutar, Manchester, England

"We would be a little scared, but we would be excited because the moon would be shiny and a little bouncy. We might see aliens which would be fun. We would like to see the stars close up. We would like to see the craters on the moon. We could float in space and do forward and backward flips. We might get hit by meteors and get sucked into a black hole!!"

P1, 2, 3, South Lanarkshire, Scotland

"Yes I'd love to go to space it would be interesting."

Dawn, Newcastle, England

"I would like to go to space as you can float around and see what we live on!!!"

Lilly, West Sussex, England

"I would love to go to space, it would be an amazing experience, plus only around 1 in 1.3 million people become astronauts, so it would be a once in a lifetime experience."

Dylan, Loughor, Wales

"I would love to go to space because I have loved reading and researching space. I would love to see some spiral galaxies while I'm in space."

Kiah, South Dakota, USA

"Travelling in space would be fun because you would be able to float around, but scary because you might run out of food or oxygen."

Joyce, London, England

"I would love to be an astronaut, it has been a dream of mine! I think that the planets and the universe are super interesting to learn about!"

Krystal, London, England

"We would really like to go into Space and visit the Moon! We would be worried and excited about the possibility of meeting Aliens. It would be really cool to jump up and down on the Moon. We would like to know what our footsteps would feel like on the Moon and we would like to be able to see stars close up! We would worry about running out of fuel but we would look forward to going in a rocket."

Yr 2 Palm Class - Beecholme Primary School, Surrey, England

"I would like to go to space but I would be very scared, what if you got lost?"

Morium, Birmingham, England