Samsung's 5G tech 'downloads movies in a second'

Last updated at 12:53
Samsung Galaxy S4 Smartphone

Forget 4G mobile - Samsung say they've cracked a super-fast wireless tech that could mean downloading a movie to your phone in just one SECOND.

Tests showed it might be possible to download one gigabyte per second over a distance of two kilometres.

In a statement the tech company said it might be "up to several hundred times faster" than existing 4G networks.

But it'll be a while before we're able to buy it - it won't be available in shops until 2020 at the earliest.

HD and 3D movies on the go?

Samsung says the 5G tech would enable users to "transmit massive data files including high quality digital movies practically without limitation.

"As a result, subscribers will be able to enjoy a wide range of services such as 3D movies and games, real-time streaming of ultra high-definition (UHD) content, and remote medical services".

It's based on using really high frequencies to transmit the data.

But some experts warn that this announcement might not be that significant - suggesting that this technology might only form a small part of what 5G tech eventually becomes.