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Amazing hairdos at Colombian Afro-hair contest

Bright beads and fab hairdos at the 9th Afro-hairdressing contest in Colombia!
Men, women and children took part in the 9th Afro-Hairdressing Competition in Cali, Valle del Cauca department, Colombia.
Hair styles
From buttons to braids - the stylists used lots of different methods to make the hair dos as creative as possible.
The Afro hairstyles come from the time of slavery, when women sat to comb their children's hair after work.
Hair Styles
The contest has three different categories: women's braids, men's braids and children's hairstyles.
Hair Styles
"They braid hairstyles by looking at objects around them and using innovation to to braid hair to look like it," explained one of the stylists. Here's a fruit basket do!
Hair Styles
The extravaganza is part of a centuries old tradition, although the official contest is only in its ninth year.
Hair Styles
There is also something called a Hair Marathon, where members of the public can get their hair braided too.
Hair Styles