Comments: We want to know if you worried about exams?

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Girl sitting an exam

With Sats coming up many of you across the country will be preparing to sit exams.

For a lot of people this a chance for a bit of last minute cramming.

With lots to learn it can be a bit stressful.

We want to know about your exam preparations.

Top tips on dealing with stress

Your comments

"I have Sats starting tomorrow and I'm really really worried and nervous. I cried last night because I'm so scared."

Harriet, England

"I get stressed over exams because they are so hard."

Irfaan, London, England

"I started writing revision notes at the start of the year, that way I don't get stressed when it comes to the exams."

Eleanor, London, England

"Yes I am worried about Sats because you get loads of homework. I am preparing by doing mental maths tests online. Wish me Luck Tomorrow."

Lauren, Nottingham, England

"I just don't like them but if I relax the test goes smoothly."

Anna, Wales

"I am taking my Sats from Monday to Thursday. I have been preparing for them all weekend, I am hoping to get a good result. I am really nervous and stressed as well."

Hollie, England

"I was worried but I've been revising and our teacher gives us old tests. I know where I've gone wrong so I can improve. The only thing I'm worried about is if it affects what class I go to and if I will be split up from my friends."

Katie, London, England

"Tomorrow its the start of my Sats and I am really stressed even though my teachers say I shouldn't be."

Hannah, Oxford, England

"I am really stressed about this but I am revising hard. I got 97% in a maths test so I think I'm revising well."

Kevin, Cardiff, Wales

"I am really trying to cram at this minute! I am stressed for my maths exam, as it is my weak subject . In English I am fine but nervous as I'm taking Level 6 English tests!"

Simran, Braintree, England

"I feel relaxed because I take it slowly and don't panic."

Kaitlyn, Newcastle upon Tyne, England

"I start Sats this week and I am not that nervous because I have been doing past papers at school."

Tilly, Oxford, England

"I had a maths exam a few weeks ago and I did loads of revision. However during the exam I felt sick and very nervous so my results didn't come out very well."

Christina, Inverness, Scotland

"This week I've got Sats and I'm really stressed over it even though my class and I have done past papers. Our teacher said all you can do is try your best and give it all you've got!

Alice, England

"I get panicked before a test but while I am doing the test I stay focused and calm."

Zara, England

"I'm not worried because it's not testing us it's testing the teachers. Just try your hardest that's the best you can do."

Katie, England

"I'm not that worried about my exams, all I can do is try my best. Revising is my key and just relaxing."

Thomasin, Stoke-on-Trent, England

''I don't get stressed at all when it comes to exams. I revise but never the night before because it makes me forget everything!''

Rabia, Bradford, England

"I'm not that stressed. I've tried to relax all weekend by sleeping in and going to the theme park with my friends so I don't panic tomorrow when my tests start. My school has also organised a breakfast club where we go through what we are doing on that day."

Daisy, Hambleton, England

"Once Sats are over they are over there is nothing you can do so just chillax."

Harriet, Surrey, England

"I start my Sats on Monday. I am very scared but looking forward to get it all over and done with. When we finish we get to go bowling with school."

Millie, Stoke on Trent, England

"I am revising the whole of this weekend just to be ready. I am slightly nervous but adrenalin is good for you. I just need to breathe deeply and read the questions fully and I am sure I will be alright."

Daisy, London, England

"I am a little bit stressed but I'm going to try my hardest and that is all that matters."

Isabella, Bushey ,England

"I get stressed over exams because everyone knuckles down a lot more than they have for the whole year. I feel that everyone has done more revision than me!"

Hani, England

"I think we shouldn't have Sats as they stress pupils out - we should get an overall level - using the work we have done throughout the year! I am pretty nervous for my Sats but at the end, I hope I do my school proud."

Lily, Gravesend, England

"I have Sats tomorrow. I'm kind of worried because I am doing Level 6 English! I am stressed but I just need to revise during the day and relax tonight."

Khaya, Stevenage, England

"I'm revising and relaxing. I will just have to do my best as well as staying calm and carrying on!"

Alice, Leeds, England

"I was really worried about the Sats, but on Friday my teacher assured me that I would be fine, so I am less worried now."

Angelina, England

"I do get stressed over exams. I think that if I revise that when I come to test everything that I've learnt will go out the window, so I usually just wing it. However, I think that revising is good for people who know how to do it."

Thomas, Derbyshire, England

"I'm confident but a little scared, so I will be doing revision as well as hanging out with my friends."

Laura, London, England

"I have sats tomorrow and I'm really stressed but my dad helped me revise and took me out for a curry and now I'm all calm."

Leigh-Anna, England