Who do you think should be the next X factor judge?

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Misha B thinks Mel B would make a great judge

This week potential popstars were in Glasgow at the first round of auditions for the 2013 X Factor.

But as this year's competition kicks off, it's not just the contestants that need to be chosen.

Tulisa is rumoured to have been cut from the show while Nicole, mentor to last year's winner James Arthur, is said to be undecided about a return.

Misha B, semi-finalist from X Factor 2011, told Newsround who she thinks should step in to replace them.

And there are rumours ex-Spice Girl Mel B could join the panel, or former judge Sharon Osbourne could make a comeback.

But we asked who did you want to be an X Factor judge?

Do you want to see a former judge return - or get someone new brought in?

Your comments

"I think Emeli Sandi should be the new judge."

Molly, Derby, England

"I think that Olly Murs should be on the X factor because he's been on the show before so he knows what it's like to be there. Also Olly is a really good singer."

Naomi,Portsmouth, England

"I think Mel B should come back because she would be good on the judging panel."

Amy, Preston, England

"I think the new judge will be Pixie Lott, someone from Little Mix or someone from One Direction."

Phoebe, York, England

"I would like to see Louis Walsh, Gary Barlow, Mel B and Tulisa."

Connor, Leeds, England

"I think Conor Maynard should be a judge."

Alice, Kent, England

"I think Rita Ora should be a judge on the X Factor because I like her."

Enya, Wales

"I think either someone from Little mix or Amelia Lily."

Ella, Darlington, England

"If I were to pick a judge it would be Adele."

Scarlet, Nottinghamshire, England

"I would like Adele because I love her!"

Lucy, England

"I think Dani Harmer or Mel B. Dani, because she isn't that harsh, and Mel B because she can be harsh so there is a mixture. And there would be two girls and two boys."

Cara, Wigan, England

"I think Michael Bublé should be an X Factor judge because people get inspiration from his songs. Plus, he has experience in singing and will be a good mentor."

Bronte, Cornwall, England

"It has to be someone that has never been a judge on the X Factor before. I think it should be Dani Harmer, Adele, Emeli Sande or Olly Murs. Maybe Taylor Swift or maybe someone from Star Wars (who knows about singing)."

Adeline, London, England

"I think Zayn because he is from One Direction and they became famous through the X Factor."

Jordan, Greater Manchester, England

"I think that the 4 judges this year should be Gary Barlow, Jessie J, Louis Walsh and Tulisa because there all amazing singers!!!!!"

Maisie, Yorkshire, England

"I think Adele because she is a wonderful singer and I am a big fan of hers. I also want One Direction because they are really talented."

Crystal, London, England

"I think Emeli Sande as she is phenomenal and she would be really good at giving constructive criticism."

Maya, Hampshire, England

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