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Awards given to people protecting animals

Conservation award winners announced
The awards were announced by the Whitley Fund for Nature. The charity helps fund projects including Eugene Simonov's work to protect areas of China, Russia and Mongolia where four species of endangered cranes live, including the demoiselle crane as seen in the picture.
Demoiselle crane
Awards have been given to some of the world's most dedicated conservationists who have set up projects to protect wildlife. Dr Cagan Sekercioglu set up a wildlife corridor in Turkey to help carnivores like these brown bear cubs travel safely from forest to forest.
Turkish brown bear cubs
Dr Sekercioglu now wants to protect a site in eastern Turkey where 241 species of bird travel from three continents to the Aras River.
Aras River, Turkey
Daniel Lejaroi Letoiye's project in Kenya aims to restore grasslands which will help zebra there. He was awarded a prize for his dedication to the animals which are described as some of Africa's most endangered large mammals. It's estimated there are only 750 mature zebra in the wild.
Grevy’s Zebra
Ekwoge Enang Abwe's project encourages the local community to protect primates living in Ebo Forest in Cameroon. The forest is home to a number of endangered primates including Preuss's monkey and a unique group of chimpanzees that can use tools.
Cercopithecus preussi
Zafer Kizilkaya was recognised for his work protecting marine life in Gokova Bay, Turkey. Mediterranean monk seals are some of the most endangered mammals on the planet. Commercial fishing is now restricted in the bay to help them recover.
Monk seal
Aparajita Datta was nominated for conservation work on threatened hornbills in the Himalayan forests of Arunachal Pradesh, India. The birds are threatened by hunting and habitat loss in the region where their beaks are used for traditional dress by local tribes.
Great hornbill in flight
Zahirul Islam works to protect sea turtles in Bangladesh. Award winners receive up to £35,000 in funding to advance international conservation and inspire others to act.
Olive Ridley turtle
John Kahekwa Munihuzi's efforts in the Democratic Republic of Congo to save the country's last remaining eastern lowland gorillas were also recognised.
Eastern lowland gorillas