Are screen breaks from the computer the new punishment?

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Kids tell us what they think about this

Parents are stopping children going online as a new form of punishment; instead of stopping them going out to play, mums and dads are banning them from the web!

A new study about how much kids use the internet suggests that children are surfing websites much more than their parents think they are, with most kids spending two hours a day online.

The survey carried out by Netmums says the majority of children are using the internet from the age of three.

While some people are worried about the impact of using computers most of the parents questioned admitted that the internet is really useful for things like homework.

What do you think?

Have your parents limited your time online? If so - how did it make you feel?

How much time is right to spend online?

Do you think you spend too long or not enough time on the computer?

Your Comments:

" I spend most of my day on my phone on Facebook & twitter, so if I'm banned I just use my kindle even though it's in black and white I still go on Facebook."

Josh, Oxfordshire, England

"I spend quite a lot of time online, but not playing games, I just enjoy looking up stuff that we learnt at school etc, but when I spend more than 2 hours on the net I turn my computer off and read or do something else."

Lara, Alicante, Spain

"My mum has put a limit on how much time I spend on my computer as it is unfair for my sisters if I am on longer than them. I only get a longer time when revising for my exams this year. My mum told me that it can be dangerous for your eyes if you sit there staring at the computer screen for long time."

Alice, Scotland

"I think kids should be allowed on the web because technology is made to be used. In my opinion I would spend 3 hours a day including homework time online."

Zohaib, Birmingham, England

"I remember when I was little and being punished, I was not aloud to play outside but now my punishment is no iPad and no Internet. Everything is changing."

Jade, Milford Haven, Wales

"We think we shouldn't be banned from going on the internet because it's a very important thing that we use it in our daily lives. We use it a lot and we are in secondary school and get lots of homework which often requires doing some research."

Saleha and Amrah, Bradford, England

"I do not believe I spend too much time online, I do my work and then go on Facebook for three hours. This is repeated daily and has had no effect on my school career."

Alex, Somerset, England

"I can go on the internet before I go to bed and after school if I have done my chores properly first."

Lara, Newent, England

"I think we deserve a reasonable amount of time, but if it is a lovely, sunny day we should spend more time playing outside."

Edward, Oxford, England

"Our parents say it is not good for us to go on our laptop all of the time so they don't let us use it after 7.00pm."

Millie and Lillie, York, England

"My mum and dad have limited me on the laptop. I am not allowed to use it on weekdays - I am only on today because I am off ill! I cannot chat on virtual worlds but I can put my ideas forward on polls and message boards."

Imogen, Birmingham, England

"I can go on the computer for homework, so I'm not a computer addict! But some people are!"

Priyankah, London, England

"I have no limited time on the computer but I think that if you are younger than ten then you should have limited time."

Louise, Geneva, Switzerland

"I have a hand-me-down laptop but I don't really use it much and I do have a phone but I don't go on it 24/7. My parents let me use the internet to do homework but also to play some games and read Newsround stories!"

Katy, Brisbane, Australia

"I think that you should be allowed to use the internet all of the time because you often have homework you need the internet for. I bought my own laptop a year ago and I use it a lot for games and homework, although my parents don't think I should play on games too much."

Phoebe, Wolverhampton, England

"I think we should be allowed to be online all the time because you learn new things."

Alex, Wolverhampton, England

"I think you should be allowed to go on the internet all of the time because it can help you with homework. My parents only gave me a laptop two years ago but gave me a really big restriction, which I don't think is necessary. I go on the internet for probably 1-2 hours each day and I really support the idea that we should be allowed internet."

Jess, Wolverhampton, England

"I don't really go on the internet that often but when I do I don't spend all day on it - normally about 15-20 minutes. But younger children should have a limit."

Abby, Wolverhampton, England

"I am allowed to use the laptop for two hours a day and then I mostly go and watch Newsround!"

Giorgio, Northern Ireland

"I don't think you can spend too long online. If you are doing homework, or looking up some information, then you should have unlimited hours, but if you play games, or chat to your friends, then I think the maximum should be two hours at a time."

Millie, Cardiff, Wales

"I am not allowed on any electronics after 8 o'clock because they affect your sleep pattern. If I have been naughty I am banned from using the computer or iPad until I deserve to get them back."

Kay, Aberdeen, Scotland

"I don't think children should banned from going online because you might need the internet for homework."

Charlotte, nr Milton Keynes, England

"I spend at least three hours per day. 45 minutes before school and then at least two hours after school. Sometimes more if I have a friend round!"

Bryony, Northumberland, England

"I have never been banned or had a screen break, but my brother has, for breaking e-safety rules."

Serendipity, Bedford, England

"My mum and dad let me go online as much as I like. They never restrict what I can and can't do on there. I think as long as you don't spend all your free time sitting inside online then it's fine."

Lockie, London, England

"Before I got my first laptop I used to use the desktop and I was limited to one hour everyday and I would not be allowed to play games."

Pelanyo, Sheffield, England