TV ban and uniform part of new rules for prisoners

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The Government has announced new rules for male prisoners, which include a ban on TV and uniforms for new inmates.

The changes were decided after a big review into the way prisons work, and they are to come into effect in November.

At the moment new prisoners are normally allowed to wear their own clothes, watch TV's in their cells, have visits, earn their own money and socialise with other prisoners. But if they break any rules these things can be taken away from them.

From November, new prisoners will only get to do some of the things they like if they are well behaved.

To start off with they'll have to work longer hours, wear prison uniform and won't be allowed to watch TV.

After the first two weeks, inmates will be assessed and given privileges like television if they've shown good behaviour.

In some private prisons at the moment, satellite channels are allowed but that's about to be banned as well.

So why is the government changing things?

Justice Secretary Chris Grayling says that the current system rewards prisoners too easily.

He said: "I want the arrival in prison for the first time to be an experience that is not one they'd want to repeat.

"That means an environment where... standards are pretty basic and then they start to gain extras by contributing... and if they won't do it, then they can't expect to start gaining those privileges."

But not everyone agrees with the new plans. The Prison Reform Trust said it's important that prisoners learn to behave so they can go back into everyday life and there's no evidence to suggest that a "so-called tough approach" would work.

The Government has not announced any plans to change the rules for female prisoners yet.